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Selected journal papers

type year title venue authors
2020 Image segmentation using dense and sparse hierarchies of superpixels PR F. Galvão, S. Guimarães, A. Falcão
2020 Hierarchical segmentation from a non-increasing edge observation attribute PRL E. Cahuina, J. Cousty, S. Guimarães, Y. Kenmochi, G. Chávez, A. de Albuquerque Araújo
2020 Efficient hierarchical graph partitioning for image segmentation by optimum oriented cuts PRL H. Bejar, S. Guimarães, P. Miranda
2020 Learning to realign hierarchy for image segmentation PRL M. Adão, S. Guimarães, Z. do Patrocínio Jr.
2020 Superpixel segmentation using dynamic and iterative spanning forest SPL F. Belém, S. Guimarães, A. Falcão
2019 Removing non-significant regions in hierarchical clustering and segmentation PRL B. Perret, J. Cousty, S. Guimarães, Y. Kenmochi, L. Najman
2018 Hierarchical segmentations with graphs: quasi-flat zones, minimum spanning trees, and saliency maps JMIV J. Cousty, L. Najman, Y. Kenmochi, S. Guimarães
2018 Evaluation of hierarchical watersheds TIP B. Perret, J. Cousty, S. Guimarães, D. Maia
2017 Combining pixel domain and compressed domain index for sketch based image retrieval MTAP C. Filho, B. Bustos, A. de Albuquerque Araújo, S. Guimarães
2016 Summarizing video sequence using a graph-based hierarchical approach NEURO L. dos Santos Belo, C. Jr., Z. do Patrocínio Jr., S. Guimarães
2016 A mid-level video representation based on binary descriptors: A case study for pornography detection NEURO C. Caetano, S. de Avila, W. Schwartz, S. Guimarães, A. de Albuquerque Araújo
2015 An efficient access method for multimodal video retrieval MTAP R. Sperandio, Z. Jr., H. de Paula, S. Guimarães
2014 Graph-based hierarchical video segmentation based on a simple dissimilarity measure PRL K. de Souza, A. de Albuquerque Araújo, Z. do Patrocínio Jr., S. Guimarães
2003 Video segmentation based on 2d image analysis PRL S. Guimarães, M. Couprie, A. de Albuquerque Araújo, N. Leite