Image and Multimedia Data Science Laboratory (IMSCIENCE)
Image and Multimedia Data Science Laboratory (IMScience)

Prof. Silvio Jamil F. Guimarães

Professor at Computer Science Departament of Institute of Exact Science and Informatics in PUC Minas/Brazil; My research and teaching focus on Image and Video Segmentation and Multimedia indexing and retrieval.

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A formal, brief biography

Silvio Jamil F. Guimarães received his B.Sc. M.Sc. and D.Sc. degrees in Computer Science, from Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV), Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP) and Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), in 1997, 1999 and 2003, respectively. He is the founder and header of the Audio-Visual Information Processing Laboratory. His research interests include digital image and video processing and computer vision applications, hierarchical information analysis, multimedia information systems, and content based information (image and video) retrieval.

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Group members

I am advising a few students in several levels (Undergraduate, Master and PhD students), and also postdoc researchers:

Undergraduate students

Pedro Henrique subject: hierarchical segmentation
Carolina Jerônimo subject: hierarchical groundtruth analysis

Graduate students

Gabriel Fonseca Master subject: multimedia label propagation
Raquel Almeida Master subject: hierarchical video segmentation; video classification
Filipe Torio Master subject: gradient analysis
Kleber Jacques F. de Souza PhD subject: human action recognition; co-supervised with Prof. Arnaldo de A. Araújo
Henrique Batista da Silva PhD subject: similarity join; co-supervised with Prof. Arnaldo de A. Araújo

Postdoc researchers

Izabela Lyon Freire project: PVE (Hierarchical image and video segmentation)
Carlos Alberto Fraga Pimentel project: PVE (Hierarchical image and video segmentation)

Former graduate students

Renata Viana Completed 2016 (master); subject: hierarchical video segmentation;
Kleber Jacques F. de Souza Completed 2012 (master); now a PhD student and Assistant professor at PUC Minas


postal address Computer Science Department, Rua Walter Ianni, 255 - São Gabriel - BH/MG/Brazil - CEP: 31980110
office address Office L301
facsimile \(+55 (31) 3439 5204\)
telephone \(+55 (31) 3439 5204\)
e-mail sjamil at pucminas dot br